Heart And Vascular Care


The testimonials below are the greatest measure of our medical practice and our highest honor. Our only goal for my practice is to exceed the expectations of every patient and to form life long friendships with each of them.

Read what some of our patients have to say.

“This was like night and day. After my first angioplasty I was black and blue for weeks after the procedure. This one was a breeze.”

“I was dreading having to lay still for 5 hours after the procedure. Being able to walk around immediately afterwards was wonderful.”

“Dr. Khurana is great! The first time I went to him he knew exactly what my problem was. He diagnosed my issues, put me on medication, and I haven't had any arterial or cardiac issues since! I stay on the medications.”

“Dr Khurana has been treating me since my heart attack on May 31 2010 ... he has placed 4 stents and conducted thorough follow up and continues to treat me. He's excellent ... his communication skills are very good ... I often record our appointments as so much information is given that it's hard to absorb in one sitting (he doesn't mind this at all).”

“I have visited several cardiologists after having lived in 3 cities in 2 years. Dr. Khurana never made me feel like he was rushing out of the room to get to another patient. While with me, he made me feel like the only patient in the office. Also, he took the time to find an article we had discussed regarding my condition and mailed it to my home. His office is buried in a medical professionals’ office, but it is worth finding. I highly recommend Dr. Khurana.”

“He is very competent. I saw a couple of other cardiologists before I had my operation and he was definitely better than them. I would highly recommend him.”

“Dr Khurana is by far the most compassionate doctor that I have ever met. Not only that, he is the best in his field. He performed heart catheterization for me through my wrist which is done by very few doctors. That made the process so much more comfortable. His care is truly outstanding.”